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Month June 2018

White House Makes Protecting Iraqi Christians a Priority

Apparently, aid to the persecuted Christian communities in Iraq has been slow walked by the United Nations. I’m not even sure if it’s just bureaucracy or anti-Christian animus but it really doesn’t matter. That’s over now. The White House: ‚ÄúPresident… Continue Reading →

How Long Until Feminists Push Back?

One of the great accomplishments feminists point to is the rise in women’s sports in high school, college and beyond. It’ll be interesting to see how much damage to female athletics will be acceptable to them by transgender athletes who… Continue Reading →

The Transgender Track Kid

My 12 year old son who has four sisters saw the story about the transgender boy who won the track meet and broke the state record. He said, “Ha! This proves that boys, even very confused boys, are more awesome… Continue Reading →

The Caterpillar that Crawled off Trudeau’s Face Spotted

The caterpillar that crawled off Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s face was last seen in the wild, presumably making its way towards America which has a much better economy. It is currently wanted for impersonating an eyebrow. Do not approach… Continue Reading →

New Strategy for Christian Bakers

I know that some Christians had to say no so that we could fight the religious liberty issue out in court. And God bless them. But for some other Christian bakers there is another route that involves less human rights… Continue Reading →

Should Feminism Answer for Spike in Female Suicides?

Everyone’s heard or read about Kate Spade’s suicide. It’s just horrible. And while I couldn’t possibly speak as to the particulars of her case, I’m wondering if, in a larger context, feminism has some answering to do for the spike… Continue Reading →

Do You Want your Child Taught Self Esteem or Self Discipline in School?

Those who have been praised their entire lives will be hard-pressed to kneel in praise of another. Do you want your child at a school that merely works to ensure your child feels better about themselves or one that urges… Continue Reading →

A Victory is a Victory for Religious Freedom

OK look, the U.S. Supreme Court sided with the Christian baker. And I’m happy. Yeah, the media is calling the decision “narrow” but it’s also very useful. But before I get into that the headline here from Reuters just ticks… Continue Reading →

Catholic bishop urges graduates to be ‘politically incorrect’ in era of cry closets and safe spaces

This is a great message for today’s young Catholics. In my opinion, these cultural moods are like fads. Safe spaces and cry closets will create a backlash. Catholicism is the faith of courage and sacrifice, the opposite of safe spaces… Continue Reading →

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