Those who have been praised their entire lives will be hard-pressed to kneel in praise of another.

Do you want your child at a school that merely works to ensure your child feels better about themselves or one that urges them to actually better themselves? The answer could decide where you send your child to school.

The self-esteem movement, which has been the celebrated central mission of many schools throughout our country, both public and private; secular and religious, has its roots in Ayn Rand’s Obectivism, an atheistic philosophy which eschews sacrifice and kindness. The father of the self-esteem movement, Nathaniel Branden, was a Rand acolyte who originally published many chapters of his foundational work “The Psychology of Self-Esteem” in Rand’s newsletter.
That movement has since evolved into decades of classroom-based social engineering which scorn concepts of sin, standards, shame, and self-discipline. What has that brought us? The No Child Left Un-Whined curriculum has bequeathed unto us generations of social activists shrieking about transforming the world with little interest in changing themselves.

As a father of five, I couldn’t conceive of a more malevolent lesson than teaching children that any criticism of themselves is a sign of a sick society which is desperately in need of the healing that only Generation Them can bring.

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