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Month March 2021

Now Make Anti-Christians Pay

A federal appeals court ruled that University of Iowa officials who curb stomped a Christian student club and kicked them off campus precisely because of their faith can be held personally accountable for the harm they caused. This is a… Continue Reading →

Add Your “Yes.”

Saint Bernard of Clairvaux wrote that when the archangel Gabriel announced to Mary that she had been chosen to be the Mother of God, it was as though the angels in Heaven held their breath waiting for her reply. I… Continue Reading →

USA Today Wants Oral Roberts Banned from NCAA

“Oral Roberts University isn’t the feel good March Madness story we need.” That’s the lead of a USA Today opinion piece. Wow. Not even hiding it anymore, huh? As you probably know, Oral Roberts University came into the NCAA with… Continue Reading →

Shooter Identified. Time for Narrative Shift

A white man shooting up Asian Massage parlors is a trend, a sign of the ugly racism that is the foundation of our country, according to the media. But when the Boulder shooter was reported as 21-year-old Ahmad Al Aliwi… Continue Reading →

Kristi Noem and the Existential Fight

Rule #1. In an existential conflict, it helps to acknowledge that you are actually in one. Here’s how it typically goes. Conservatives urge their Republican politicians to battle over certain issues like like life or gender like they actually matter…. Continue Reading →

New Kids Book about Dr. Fauci

The definitive picture book biography of Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and one of the most crucial figures in the COVID-19 pandemic. I figured we’d come up with some good titles…. Continue Reading →

Why Criticize America’s Former Slavery While Remaining Silent About China’s Modern Slavery?

Why is it that we are quick to judge people in our own history from today’s more “enlightened” stance yet there is no outrage when President Biden deflects on modern slavery, forced labor, torture, and abuse as just being “different… Continue Reading →

NYC Mayor Wants NYPD to “Warn” Haters. Pssst. He Means You

Murders in New York City rose 45 percent from 2019. Shootings saw a 97% increase. But Mayor Bill Di Blasio wants the NYPD taking on the responsibility of warning regular people who’ve committed no crime, not be be a hater…. Continue Reading →

Inspiring Man Who Pushed Wheelchair Bound Son in Marathons Dies

His is an amazing story of love. Dick Hoyt, the man who famously pushed his son Rick in a custom racing wheelchair through 32 Boston Marathons and more than 1,000 total races, died yesterday at 80. Hoyt died peacefully in… Continue Reading →

Jordan Peterson Cries Talking About Jesus.

I particularly love how what CS Lewis said impacted Jordan Peterson, especially because JRR Tolkien originally said it to Lewis to evangelize him so many years ago. It’s beautiful to watch people turn slowly, even reluctantly to Christ. In fact,… Continue Reading →

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