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Liberal Ladies Suddenly Preach Abstinence!

A group of liberal women are putting together a Sex strike for Obamacare. The women’s group “Liberal Ladies Who Lunch” is going on a sex strike called “Access Denied: Sex Strike.” The event, which is scheduled to take place between… Continue Reading →

Worst PSA Ever: Bristol Palin and The Situation

This is painful. They should be required to run an anti-suicide PSA every time they show this. I’m all for Bristol getting the word out on abstinence but there’s got to be a better way than this: HT Liberty Juice

Bristol Palin’s Abstinence Commercial

It’s fine I guess but isn’t it really just saying that if you’re wealthy feel free to have all the unmarried sex you want because consequences don’t apply to rich people. But you poor people can’t afford to have sex… Continue Reading →

Study: Abstinence Works!

The anti-science left is going to freak about this one. A new study indicates that abstinence training actually works. So it turns out that children having sex are not like uncontrollable natural disasters. Oh wait, the left actually believes we… Continue Reading →

Abstinence is GrrrrEat!!!!

You can’t stop kids from having sex we’re told all the time. But Tony the Tiger can! While the U.S. government and the the United Nations have gone cuckoo for the condoms, it seems that there might be a very… Continue Reading →

Wait. I Thought Abstinence Was Unrealistic

Remember when abstinence was unrealistic. Well that was before Obama. Now liberals are all for it. But only for punishing conservatives. The Rock the Vote campaign is encouraging young people to abstain from sex with anyone who’s against healthcare reform…. Continue Reading →

Tim Tebow Saving Himself for Marriage?

Allow me to make myself clear. I despise Florida football. Not just Florida University’s football program. The whole state. Any football team that takes on a Florida team is my favorite team that day. When two Florida teams take one… Continue Reading →

CDC Lied About 1 in 4 Girls Having STD’s

The government absolutely lied about the claim that 1 in 4 teenage girls has an STD, says The National Journal. You might remember that statistic because it was used as a cudgel for weeks against abstinence education. Well guess what?… Continue Reading →

Progressives Turn Back the Clock

In reading about the political landscape this election cycle I am repeatedly confronted by the word “progressive.” It seems to apply mostly to the extreme liberals. The “progressive” vote is evidently up for grabs with Barack Obama, John Edwards, and… Continue Reading →

Sacrificing Lives to the Agenda

Confronted with ample evidence that teaching and promoting abstinence and fidelity are key elements in fighting the AIDS pandemic in Africa, the U.S. Congress eliminated funding for the programs. From Zenit: The House Subcommittee on State, Foreign Operations and Related… Continue Reading →

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