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Which Freaks Me Out More?

This dead alien was supposedly found in the frozen wastes of Siberia by two guys walking along last week. (Who walks around Siberia?) That’s bad. This is worse. A Casey Anthony mask just sold for $1 million. This kind of… Continue Reading →

This is Why The Internet Was Created

If you’ve ever wondered to yourself if the internet serves any beneficial purpose to society at all, here’s your answer. It doesn’t. But it can be really fun. This is exactly what ET the sequel would look like if Hollywood… Continue Reading →

U.N. To Appont Ambassador to Space Aliens

OK. This is the worst news ever. Brace yourself. The United Nation’s is appointing the head of the Office for Outer Space Affairs to come up with a response should we be visited by space aliens. Really. The Telegraph reports:… Continue Reading →

Now We Can’t Even Evangelize Space Aliens

OK. I don’t know how to say this. Really. You promise not to laugh? OK. Ready? Some atheists don’t want us to evangelize imaginary space aliens because the terrorists in the Middle East might not like it. Hey. You promised… Continue Reading →

Alien Worshiping Glamour Lesbians Criticize the Church

Here’s the greatest lede in a newspaper article that I’ve ever read. It’s got everything. It’s got anti-Catholicism. It’s got holier-than-thou homosexuals. It’s got lunacy. It’s got faux-objective journalism. Ready for it? Here’s the lede from The Daily Telegraph: A… Continue Reading →

Liberal Catholic Group Calls For Alien Ordination

A liberal Catholic group named “Leaders for Unification of Non-Ordained Associates Together In Christ”(LUNATIC) held a hastily called press conference this morning in order to be the first group to call for ordination of extraterrestrials, which the “Vatican” recently said… Continue Reading →

Vatican: It’s OK to Believe in Aliens

Vatican: It’s OK to Believe in Aliens. That’s the headline. Believing that the universe may contain alien life does not contradict a faith in God, the Vatican’s chief astronomer said in an interview published in the Associated Press. The Rev…. Continue Reading →

Kucinich Sees UFO – I’m Not Kidding

I knew Dennis Kucinich was crazy but…I had no idea he was this crazy. So kudos to all Democrats who knew enough not to give him any support in the Democratic Primary. The eternally loopy Shirley Maclaine in her new… Continue Reading →

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