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Deny Communion to Supporters of Arizona Law?

Anthony Stevens Arroyo writes regularly for the Newsweek/Washington Post blog about religion called On Faith. As one of the resident Catholics, he’s a laugh riot even though he’s quite serious about what he writes about including his love letters to… Continue Reading →

Gen. Patton Like Nidal Hasan…or Something

In what can only be described as a blatant and ridiculous display of moral equivalence, Anthony Stevens Arroyo of WaPo’s On Faith blog compares Nidal Hasan, the Fort Hood Killer with Gen. George S. Patton and Medal of Honor winner… Continue Reading →

On Faith: Cancel March for Life

In perhaps the most unserious and disingenuous piece I’ve read on the Newsweek/Washington Post On Faith blog, Anthony Stevens Arroyo suggests that we essentially cancel the March for Life and make it an Obama rally. I’m actually not kidding. Arroyo… Continue Reading →

Bishop Martino was a Clunker?

The obnoxious, spiritually deformed, obnoxious, micro-managing, Republican sounding, out-of-step, theologically faulty, hated, Palin-esque, Roberto Duran-ish, obsolete, inefficient, polluting, control freak Bishop Joseph Martino is gone. So says Anthony Stevens Arroyo who writes for the On Faith blog and is ironically… Continue Reading →

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