Anthony Stevens Arroyo writes regularly for the Newsweek/Washington Post blog about religion called On Faith. As one of the resident Catholics, he’s a laugh riot even though he’s quite serious about what he writes about including his love letters to President Obama.

In this week’s column Arroyo questions whether bishops should be denying Communion to supporters of the Arizona immigration law.

Arroyo can only wait a few sentences into his piece before comparing the Arizona immigration law to the Holocaust but even he caveats this foolishness by immediately denying the comparison.

While the context of Nazi Germany’s crackdown on Jews is not the same as contemporary Arizona’s law about immigrants, both have a moral equivalent in singling out one group for unfair treatment.

So why mention the Holocaust if you’re admitting it’s not like the Holocaust?

As far as I can remember I think Jews were trying to get OUT of Germany rather than entering illegally by the thousands. That’s kind of a big difference right there.

But Arroyo then questions whether those who enforce immigration laws should be denied Communion.

Will any of today’s bishops deny communion to Catholic officials who vote for this bill and its spawn of imitators in other states? Has censure been voiced against the local sheriff Joe Arpaio (a Catholic) who has led raids on Latinos? These are strategies used in the past by bishops.

Yup. He’s not only asking if people who arrest illegal immigrants should be denied Communion but people who vote to enforce immigration laws as well.

But then Arroyo caveats himself yet again, negating his previous suggestion.

I am against denying communion as a political tool, but I think bishops who have done so about other issues like same-sex marriage create a dilemma for themselves.

So the Arizona immigration law is like the Holocaust but not. And he wonders aloud if bishops should deny communion to Arizona immigration law supporters but says later that he’s against such things.

You know, I’m starting to wonder if Arroyo just says things to get attention but knowing he can’t back them up he attempts to walk away from them.

Hey, you know what? Maybe bishops should refuse Communion to columnists who make imbecilic metaphors and outrageous suggestions. Mind you, I’m not saying that they should. I’m just wondering aloud.

This is all an attempt to put all issues on the same plane as the sacredness of human life. The thinking goes that some bishops deny communion to pro-choice Catholics so therefore bishops should also deny communion to supporters of the war, the Arizona immigration law, those who want to reduce welfare, etc…

This is political revenge. Eye for an eye Catholicism. Sickening.