In perhaps the most unserious and disingenuous piece I’ve read on the Newsweek/Washington Post On Faith blog, Anthony Stevens Arroyo suggests that we essentially cancel the March for Life and make it an Obama rally.

I’m actually not kidding.

Arroyo argues that Obama’s speech on nuclear disarmament at the United Nations which was essentially laughed at by anyone and everyone (including in a speech by Sarkozy) should become the centerpiece of a new pro-life coalition (never mind all those dead babies, I guess.)

Arroyo lays some groundwork by saying:

The recent and unanimous vote of the U.N. Security Council endorsing nuclear disarmament is cause for rejoicing in Catholic America. Disarmament is a pro-life issue and the Security Council’s September session with President Obama as chairman made a significant advance beyond the perennial rhetoric about atomic weapons. If and when Obama’s effort at the United Nations’ session becomes a policy to be endorsed politically in Congress, I think pro-life Catholics will be bound by conscience to support it.

Bound by conscience to support it? The same conscience that has led “pro-life” Arroyo to become an Obama apologist?

But hey, Arroyo obviously believes that Obama mentioning his dream of a world without nukes essentially means that 1) Obama actually means it 2) The UN can do a thing about it.

But now here’s the killshot from Arroyo:

I would hope that our bishops and pastors decide to spend as much effort in supporting disarmament as they have in organizing dissent from Roe v. Wade. Why not include this issue in Respect Life Sunday this October 4 in a parish’s Prayer of the Faithful? Why not make the annual March for Life every January into a rally for nuclear disarmament?

I feel strongly that it time for Catholics — whether Republicans or Democrats, whether conservative or liberal — to put aside the partisan labels that divide us. Catholic America should be above the bitter divisions in secular politics. Let us show our unity as Catholics, faithful in both citizenship and belief, and make nuclear disarmament the common cause of Catholic America, ASAP.

So you ready for a radical new take on the March for Life? How about Obama giving the big speech at the March for Life? Come on. How fun would that be?

Obama could say something like, “If Iran makes a mistake, I don’t want to be punished with a mushroom cloud.” Or he could quibble and says it’s “above his pay grade” to decide when a nuclear power plant becomes a weapons factory.

Hey, what’s a few million dead babies from abortion when we can feel good about saying that we don’t like nukes?

The good news is that if we made the March for Life an anti-nuke rally we might actually get coverage from the media.