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Jesuit USF Student Newspaper Unanimously Supports Assisted Suicide

*subhead*Progressive fog and clouded brains.*subhead* The University of San Francisco (USF) is my alma mater. My name is on a plaque in the chemistry office for my academic exploits while I was there. Along with a degree in chemistry, I… Continue Reading →

Back Street Euthanasia

Hey, it worked for abortion so now I guess pro-euthanasia folks are going to try the same gambit. Arguing for euthanasia, one doctor in Scotland argued that euthanasia must be legalized so as to prevent “Back Street” alternatives. Ha! Here’s… Continue Reading →

Suicide Keeps Your Kids Out of Jail

Euthanasia fanatic Dr Philip Nitschke is telling anyone older than 50 that they should attend his seminar to learn how to do the right thing and kill themselves so as to avoid their loved ones having to go through the… Continue Reading →

Assisted Suicide: Not Just for the Sick

You remember all that talk that it was ridiculous for us to fret that legalizing assisting in the suicide of the terminally ill would lead to even greater calamities. Well Holland is treating the slippery slope argument like its own… Continue Reading →

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