Euthanasia fanatic Dr Philip Nitschke is telling anyone older than 50 that they should attend his seminar to learn how to do the right thing and kill themselves so as to avoid their loved ones having to go through the bother of going to jail for killing you. reports:

Dr Nitschke told the group suicide was not a crime but helping someone to die was.

“It’s a major crime, we’re talking major crime here,” he said.

“Don’t leave the ones you love with serious legal consequences.”

Dr Nitschke is the founder of Exit International, which offers the Peaceful Pill Handbook on its website for the low low price of $75. Hey, it’s not like you can take your money with you, right? Might as well give it to Dr. Nitschke.

But don’t act now. Chapter 5 gives all the details on everything you’ve always wondered about “Nitrogen Gas Flow Control.”

Chapter 12 answers the age old question: “Is one, 100ml bottle of Nembutal enough for a peaceful death?”

And Chapter 13 offers the do-it-at-home “Barbiturate Test Kit.”

But in the end, I’m just not sure if old old people are in too much danger from Nitschke. You see, the doctor is attempting to teach old people to hack into his internet site for instructions how to kill themselves because his site may soon be blocked by law.

Teaching old people to hack onto a website? Hmmm. I’m not saying anything about ALL seniors but let’s just say that if my poor ol’ Mom had to hack into a website in order to kill herself she’d likely be alive for a looooooonnng looooooooonnnnng time.