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Casey Anthony Seeking to Get Baptized

Casey Anthony, the mom who pretty much everyone in the country except the 12 people who sat on her jury believe she killed her kid, wants to get baptized. Why? So she can see her kid in heaven. The Examiner… Continue Reading →

ACLU: Baptism? No. Abortion? Yes.

Churches bad. Abortion clinics good. You got that? No seriously. Check this lunacy out. I mean this is like conversation between Gary Busey and Jeff Conway kind of crazy. The ACLU obviously believes that churches are so dangerous to minors… Continue Reading →

Fake Priest Baptizes Real Baby!

A man pretending to be a priest was arrested by police as he prepared to baptize a baby in a small town in the north of Portugal. “When the man said ‘in the name of the Father, Son and the… Continue Reading →


Talk about taking it down to the wire. CWN is reporting Miss Xu Song of Taiwan was baptized this past Easter. What is the big deal you ask? Well, Miss Xu Song is 114 years old. Now, I have been… Continue Reading →

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