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Tramp Stamp Barbie

The good news is that any kid with this doll is like sending up a flare to Child Services that an intervention might be warranted. The Week reports: Barbie, Mattel’s iconic doll, has seen and done a lot in her… Continue Reading →

Pulitzer Winner: Bachmann is Barbie “With Fangs”

This is absolutely outrageous. WaPo columnist Colby King calls Michelle Bachmann “Barbie with fangs.” The baseless and nasty attacks from the left continue and all you get are guffaws and warnings to the right about watching our tone. Check out… Continue Reading →

Tattoo Barbie?

If you wanted one more sign we’re spiraling down the cultural toilet, here it is: Tattoo Barbie. SKY News is reporting: The new “Totally Stylin’ Tattoos Barbie” comes with a set of body art stickers to be placed anywhere on… Continue Reading →

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