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Contraception Required in Obamacare

It seems that Obamacare will require ALL insurance companies to cover contraceptives without co-pays as well as sterilization procedures. The NY Times reportse A leading medical advisory panel recommended on Tuesday that all insurers be required to cover contraceptives for… Continue Reading →

Borrowing from Missing Children

Hey America keep on contracepting, keep on aborting, keep on viewing humans as a cancer on the planet, embracing gay marriage, and oh yeah let’s keep borrowing from the children we’re preventing and killing in the womb. There will never… Continue Reading →

Supermodels or Abortifacients?

Preventing and terminating pregnancies via modern science is soooo cool right now that I can hardly tell the difference between names of supermodels and abortifacients. Ella? Yaz? Seasonique, Jolessa and Lybrel? I don’t know if they need a reality show… Continue Reading →

Georgetown Students Learn Blackmail Works

What does the Georgetown University administration think they’re teaching their students? A group of pro-choice, pro-birth control Georgetown University students demanded a meeting with the President of the school John J. DeGioia, about two months ago. After receiving no response… Continue Reading →

Compassion = Sterilization?

Have you heard about an organization called “Project Prevention” that offers $300 to drug addicts to sterilize themselves. The BBC reports that the organization has been busy as it has paid money out to 3,242 addicts (mostly women) and 1,226… Continue Reading →

Women Are Dying…But It’s For a Good Cause

Oh you brave women. Taking one for the team is sooo wonderful of you. Realizing that your life means so little when compared to the overriding issue of sexual liberation and consequenceless sex. Good for you. What? Nobody told you… Continue Reading →

Margaret Sanger Interview with Mike Wallace

What would many people today be more upset about: Margaret Sanger’s views or the tobacco company sponsorship? With thanks to Connor for the video link.

Women Suing Top Contraceptive Firm

After watching that you’ve got to think Yaz is awesome. It practically heals women of…like…everything. Goodbye to irritability, moodiness, headaches, bloating, muscle aches, increased appetite, and acne. My goodness, they’ve invented the greatest girl in the world with no irritability,… Continue Reading →

Natural and Unnatural

I was over a friend’s house picking up a buddy of mine this past weekend. He wasn’t ready so I ended up hanging out for a few minutes with his wife and her friend. I’d met the other woman before… Continue Reading →

Late Term Abortion is “Murder Lite”

A columnist, Neil Steinberg, for the Chicago Sun-Times today called late term abortion “Murder Lite” and asked what’s the real meaning behind the “anti abortion frenzy?” Frenzy? Weird word to use to describe pro-lifers when you think that that the… Continue Reading →

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