Have you heard about an organization called “Project Prevention” that offers $300 to drug addicts to sterilize themselves.

The BBC reports that the organization has been busy as it has paid money out to 3,242 addicts (mostly women) and 1,226 were permanently sterilised. They’ve operated in 39 states.

The Star Bulletin reports one disturbing story:

Mona Rodarte watched state authorities take away her third baby a few months ago, and the trauma was enough to motivate her to consider Project Prevention’s offer to pay her $300 to get sterilized or start using long-term birth control.

Each child has a different father; two are in jail and all three are drug dealers. The 28-year-old Rodarte, who lives on Maui, had just graduated from a rehabilitation program. She had been clean and sober for six months. Determined to do things differently, she was looking forward to the birth of her baby.

But the change in environment, lack of structure and a return to what she described as a “dysfunctional” home sparked a relapse into her habitual crystal methamphetamine and alcohol abuse — two weeks before her baby was due.

That is when she lost her privilege to be a mother. Rodarte’s older sister is now raising the child, and brought Rodarte to Oahu to encourage her to obtain some form of long-term birth control.

“How does it feel that I’m on my third baby and I don’t have none of them, and I’m still doing the same thing?” Rodarte said. “It feels (frustrating).”

Though she was initially offended when approached with the sterilization/birth control offer, she gradually accepted its practicality.

“It was hard because I didn’t want them to take my baby away. But if I’m not done running around, I cannot bring any more lives into the world. I need to stop having kids that I’m not going to take care of.”

After talking with Barbara Harris, founder and director of the national nonprofit Project Prevention, and debating the issue for a time, Rodarte called a Maui clinic for Implanon, a long-term birth control device that is inserted under the skin and remains effective for years or until it is removed.

Surely this is a desperate situation but instead of pointing this woman to where she can find help she gives her money for long term birth control. Doesn’t she realize that this money will make her spiral deeper into drugs and make it less likely that she’ll ever be a mother to her children?

The organization goes around passing out flyers where they know drug use is high. Barbara Harris, the founder of the organization, has said she’s aware that many will spend the money she gives them on drugs.

This is what passes for love and compassion nowadays? In the past, Harris has passed out flyers saying: “DON’T Let a Pregnancy get in the way of your crack habit”.

“When I founded this organization, I never believed how big it would be,” she said in recent news reports. “Every day I feel like we’re making a difference.”

A difference?