After watching that you’ve got to think Yaz is awesome. It practically heals women of…like…everything. Goodbye to irritability, moodiness, headaches, bloating, muscle aches, increased appetite, and acne.

My goodness, they’ve invented the greatest girl in the world with no irritability, no headaches, small appetite, good skin, no bloating. No wonder they need birth control.

Unfortunately, it might also be killing women. But don’t tell anyone women are dying due to a contraceptive. Nobody needs to know that a young college student collapsed in the shower and died of a pulmonary embolism that some believe was caused by a blood clot as a side effect of Yaz. Nobody needs to know of the hundreds of women reporting serious and life threatening side effects.

Don’t mention this to anyone but hundreds of women are suing the makers of the birth control pill Yaz claiming that the drugs cause heart attacks and strokes as well as a host of other issues.

Last year, makers of Yaz got into hot water with the FDA for claiming that their pills besides preventing pregnancy, also cured pimples and PMS. The FDA said the ads overstated the pills’ abilities. That’s lying to me and you. A spokesperson for Yaz said: “You may have seen some YAZ commercials that were not clear. The FDA wants us to correct a few points in those ads,” said a spokeswoman in a YAZ commercial.

WREG reported:

One lawsuit claims “the FDA received reports of more than 50 deaths” where those who died were users of YAZ. It said Bayer “ignored the increased risks of the drug.”

Look. We all know lawyers will say just about anything to get a cash judgement but this all looks pretty bad. If you poke around you’ll see that lawsuits against Yaz is essentially its own industry at this point.

Yaz reportedly made $600 million a year. The Yaz folks are claiming that all the possible side effects were warned about but that doesn’t point to how much of a risk the pill is.

Here’s some women discussing Yaz. Why don’t they run this as a commercial.
Look. I don’t know if Yaz is better or worse than any other birth control pill but I think it’s pretty amazing how many lawsuits are being filed while there’s been almost complete silence in the media about this other than a few local news stories like the one above.

Man, if only Toyota sold birth control they probably could’ve avoided their whole p.r. disaster.

Think about this. When a number of soldiers all returning from the Middle East reported certain symptoms the media ran with that story non-stop. But hundreds of women reporting dangerous side effects from birth control? Yawn. This is once again showing the triumph of ideology.