Leah Darrow, once a contestant on the reality show America’s Next Top Model, is now pursuing a life as a role model.

“For years my faith took a back seat until it all came to a soulful boiling point during a high power photo shoot, where I turned back to God and my faith,” confesses nationally known Catholic speaker Leah Darrow.

“Ever heard that prodigal son story? I’m his sister,” she said.

Darrow has left the world of high fashion to join the cause of Pure Fashion. “Pure Fashion is an international faith based program designed for girls 14-18 to help young women re-discover and re-affirm their innate value and authentic femininity.”

Darrow, who now travels around promoting her new cause continues to model, but with a different approach. “I bring each modeling opportunity to Our Blessed Mother; if I feel that I can participate in it with her by my side, then I know Jesus will be happy with it,” she said.

Leah also has a new blog called Exposed and on it she writes:

If it is my Constitutional right and freedom to kill my child through abortion, then I’d rather be a slave to my Catholic Faith. If it is my right and freedom to dress and act provocative, then I’d rather be considered a prude. If it is my right and freedom to sterilize myself through contraception, then I’d rather be fruitful. If it is my right and freedom to become some “thing”, a sexual object, then I’d rather become some “one”, deserving of dignity.

It is so nice to have her on the team. It is really tough for Matt & me being the only really good-looking people in the Catholic blogosphere!! This takes some of the pressure off us ;-P

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