Oh you brave women. Taking one for the team is sooo wonderful of you. Realizing that your life means so little when compared to the overriding issue of sexual liberation and consequenceless sex. Good for you.

What? Nobody told you about the consequences? Well, this is rather awkward then.

The International Agency for Research of Cancer recently concluded after a lengthy study that popular forms of oral contraceptives are “carcinogenic” to humans.

As the American Thinker says:

One can imagine that if, in the epigraph, the words “oral contraceptives” were replaced with, say, “peanut butter” or “Republican Party membership,” the political posturing and shouting in the media would never stop.

But the individual lives matter not to the greater cause of sexual liberation. Why, we can’t have women start thinking that there’s consequences to sex.

Just yesterday the New York Times buried a story about a popular contraceptive (Deprovera) that causes an alarming loss of bone mass that could lead to broken bones and fractured hips, especially among smokers and women who don’t take enough calcium. So what does the author of the study say at the end of the very short article. What’s his remedy? This is brilliant. He tells womem not to smoke and be sure to take calcium because those are what he called “modifiable risk factors.”

As if taking birth control isn’t modifiable? Is that how far gone we are? Is birth control a given?

Oh and more than two million American women use that form of birth control, according to The Times, including about 400,000 teenagers.

There have been numerous studies indicating a link between “The Pill” and breast cancer published in the most prestigious medical journals.

Whether women decide if birth control is worth an increased risk of cancer, depression, blood clots, or bone loss it should be an informed decision, shouldn’t it? But we currently have doctors prescribing birth control for everything from acne to PMS to headaches making it the most widely used drug in the world. There seems to be a mad rush to have young women take birth control accompanied by a startling apathy concerning side effects.

I have to ask where is the National Cancer Institute on this information? Where is the Susan G. Komen Foundation on this? In fact, Komen donates hundreds of thousands of dollars to Planned Parenthood.

I can’t imagine how so many obfuscate the truth that birth control has several serious and possibly lethal side effects. How many individual women must be sacrificed at the altar of radical feminism?