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New Study: Abortion Triples Risk of Breast Cancer

A new study is showing once again that abortion leads to higher instances of breast cancer. I know you haven’t seen it on the news and don’t expect to. The study sparked a backlash by those who consider abortion a… Continue Reading →

Women Are Dying…But It’s For a Good Cause

Oh you brave women. Taking one for the team is sooo wonderful of you. Realizing that your life means so little when compared to the overriding issue of sexual liberation and consequenceless sex. Good for you. What? Nobody told you… Continue Reading →

China Reports Abortion/Breast Cancer Link

Womens’ bodies are crazy. I don’t know why God made them so but He did. Women’s bodies are all weird and things are connected in ways most men can’t imagine. My wife had curly hair. Like really curly. When she… Continue Reading →

Shhhh!!! Abortion and the Pill Causes Cancer? Don’t Pass it On

Banned pesticides and other toxic chemicals lingering in the environment put people at an increased risk of developing cancer, according to the Vancouver Sun. Cell Phones Cause Cancer, according to Fox. Working the night shift may cause cancer, say WHO… Continue Reading →

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