Banned pesticides and other toxic chemicals lingering in the environment put people at an increased risk of developing cancer, according to the Vancouver Sun.

Cell Phones Cause Cancer, according to Fox.

Working the night shift may cause cancer, say WHO researchers, according to AFP.

Every time there’s a study done about something causes cancer it’s televised, reported, and read over every available outlet.

But why are studies about a link between abortion and breast cancer completely ignored? Dennis Byrne, a columnist for the Chicago Tribune found out when he wrote a column about it:

Not wanting to become known as the town quack, I am reluctant to write another politically incorrect column about breast cancer.

Four weeks ago, when I reported a study that found a statistical link between abortion and breast cancer, the hate e-mail poured in, denouncing me for being an ignorant, stupid, anti-science, anti-choice and anti-woman lunatic.

But Byrne is stubborn enough to continue his heresy by pointing to another study suggesting that premenopausal women (younger than 50) who used oral contraceptives prior to having their first child faced a higher risk of breast cancer.

Yes, I know, this debate has been going on for years, if not decades, and judging by the last studies given wide exposure a few years ago by the media, the issue seems settled: Oral contraception does not significantly increase the risk of breast cancer.

There’s just one problem. According to an analysis in one of the most credible peer-reviewed journals in the country, the Mayo Clinic Proceedings, the risk is real.

The study shows that premenopausal women who used oral contraceptives prior to having their first child have a 44 percent higher chance of getting cancer than women who didn’t use the pill. If they used the pill for more than four years prior to their first full-term pregnancy, the risk increased 52 percent.

The results of the study are disquieting enough that if the pill were just coming out today, the findings might be enough for the Food and Drug Administration to keep it off the market. Now something like that would seem to be a pretty important story, right? No. This story has gotten picked up nowhere. Not one single reference.

Why so little attention? Is it because The Pill has become such a key part of feminist ideology?

It’s no small irony that those feminists who say they’re standing up for women are silent about this very real risk to women. They see The Pill as the great liberator of women. The fact that it’s killing them must be ignored. This is a prime example of prizing ideology over people.

And the media which is supposed to be on “our side” have chosen against the people on this issue. They’ve sided with radical ideology and are intentionally ignoring studies that show a dangerous side effect of a commonly used drug.

Compare the silence of this to the silicone breast implants scare. You would’ve thought silicone breasts were armed and marching our streets the way the press reported it.

Amid the deafening silence, poor Dennis Byrne is stuck with still believing that the role of a newspaper columnist is to tell the truth. He ends his column by saying:

The truth is that I’d just as soon not write about it, for all the heat it generates. I just wish that someone else would.

I’m sure he’ll be given a course in “sensitivity training” which will cure him. In the meantime he better get used to hate mail.