Womens’ bodies are crazy. I don’t know why God made them so but He did. Women’s bodies are all weird and things are connected in ways most men can’t imagine.

My wife had curly hair. Like really curly. When she became pregnant with our first child she announced while we were both getting ready for work one morning that she believed the pregnancy was making her hair straight. I, being the gracious sensitive husband I am, immediately scoffed that she was the craziest person outside the asylum. I told her definitively that her pregnancy and her hair were not connected at all.

But my wife laughed and called me crazy. Well, sure enough my wife’s hair was straight by the time she gave birth.

Hey, what can I say? I’m not a scientist. I didn’t know. But after seeing the facts I admitted I was wrong because I’m good like that.

But the pro-choice industry and the media in American are clearly better than I am at refuting facts. No matter how much evidence is amassed pointing to a link between abortion and breast cancer they simply refuse to see it.

It’s saying something when there’s more freedom and openness to truth in China than America. CNA reports:

Chinese researchers claim to have found a 17 percent increased breast cancer risk among women who have had induced abortions.

Peng Xing and other researchers in the Department of Oncology at the First Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University enrolled in their study 1,417 patients diagnosed with breast cancer and 1,587 women without a prior breast cancer.

The researchers’ findings indicated that induced abortion increased a woman’s risk of breast cancer by a “statistically significant” rate of 17 percent.

According to the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer (CABC), U.S. researchers have said that Chinese studies on a link between abortion and breast cancer exclude “report bias” because abortion isn’t stigmatized in China and Chinese women are considered reliable reporters for their abortions.

The CABC said a Turkish study published earlier this year reported a 66 percent increased breast cancer risk among women who have had abortions

The thing is that America overreacts to everything. Remember the whole silicone scare in breast implants? Remember the pesticide scare? How many people are freaked out about global warming when it hasn’t gotten any warmer in a decade?

The media plays up anything and everything to scare us but no media attention is given to the link between abortion and breast cancer despite several studies showing it.

If the media were fair we should see stories about how the federal government intends to fund a known carcinogen by funding abortion in the healthcare legislation. And they’d be detailing how dependent the Democratic Party is on Big Abortion for campaign funds. Or detailing how the party is blinded to the truth of science by ideology.

But I guess that’s what the blogosphere is for. We don’t have to wait for the media anymore. So let’s all do our job and start beating the drum on this information. Let’s take on the anti-science left. Not only might it affect Big Abortion but it might save lives.