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A “Maternal” and “Happy” Abortion?

Horrifying. Vomit inducing. The Star has the story of a gay abortionist who had second thoughts about performing abortions when he and his partner considered adopting a baby. He had no problem with abortions until he decided he might want… Continue Reading →

Krugman Gets Embarrassed

This is what happens when a Nobel Prize winning economist’s ideology is confronted by reality. And it’s videoed and splashed up on YouTube for millions to see, point and mock. HT Vodka Pundit

Church Stands Before Human Rights Tribunal?

This is how is starts. A group of 12 parishioners at a Catholic Church in Canada wrote letters to their bishop complaining that an adult altar server was openly homosexual. The bishop responded by removing the man from that role…. Continue Reading →

Canada In Need of Very Small Canadians

In order to continue their orgiastic spending spree on themselves, Canadians have borrowed heavily from their children and grandchildren for years. But trouble seems imminent as it was revealed this week that Canadians forgot to actually have children and grandchildren… Continue Reading →

Zut Alors! More Canadian Rivest-ance

Wow! I mean…Wow! Fr. John Zuhlsdorf has the incredible story of His Excellency Most Reverend AndrĂ© Rivest, Bishop of Chicoutimi in Canada. (What is it with these Bishops in Canada?). Bishop Rivest is in open opposition to Pope Benedict XVI… Continue Reading →

Greetings From Soviet Canuckistan

I am sure you have heard the many scary stories coming from Canada by now, but just in case you haven’t I thought I should tell you before you put the deposit down on that exciting Canadian vacation. Our chilly… Continue Reading →

Canada and Britain Already Subsidizing Polygamy

You know when you think about the fight to preserve marriage, you think how that fight is going to be a long drawn out one with fights for Supreme Court Justices. The arguments start with gay marriage and will ultimately… Continue Reading →

Pot Calling Kettle

I wonder if the irony is lost on them? Read this quote from some Canadian Anglicans. “We cannot recognize the legitimacy of recent actions by the (Anglican) Province …We call upon the archbishop of Canterbury (the head of the Church… Continue Reading →

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