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Is Pope Benedict XVI a Commie?

There seems to be an opinion from some conservative corners that Pope Benedict XVI is quite the commie and as dangerous to the free market as leftist icon Warren “Raise my taxes, please” Buffet. Richard Epstein of the Hoover Institution… Continue Reading →

Big Diapers Is Anti-Woman

In a stunning display of crass commercialization that victimizes women, Big Diapers, which makes billions of dollars per year on babies, is attempting to guilt women into carrying their pregnancy to term. Terrible, huh? Feminists for years have labeled any… Continue Reading →

The 1948 Educational Film: “Capitalism!”

I heard Michele Bachmann state today in an interview that since the President signed the health care bill into law, the federal government now owns or controls, for the first time ever, 51% of the US GDP. Car makers, insurance… Continue Reading →

A Porn-tastic Christmas

So I took the kids out to the mall to shop for Mom two days before Christmas. I want them to know that Christmas is not just about receiving but giving as well. Now let me ask a weird hypothetical…. Continue Reading →

The Savaging of Sarah Wasn’t Worth It

If the caricature of Republicans as heartless capitalists with cash registers instead of souls is accurate then they should gleefully accept prodigals Peggy Noonan and Christopher Buckley back into the fold. Because I absolutely believe that their personal attacks on… Continue Reading →

Bill Gates and the Future

While I would be happy if he could just keep my Outlook from crashing, Microsoft Founder Bill Gates has loftier goals. From the WSJ. In a speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, the software tycoon plans to… Continue Reading →

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