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Vid: Cdl Mahony: Abortion is “Beyond my Field”

Way to stand up for life, Cardinal Mahony. Way to go! Hey, he’s just like Obama. Obama says abortion is above his pay grade. And Cardinal Mahony says it’s “Beyond my field.” The only problem is that Cardinal Mahony is… Continue Reading →

Cdl Mahony: Kennedy Was Champion of Powerless

This one sickens me. And not just a little gurgle in my stomach. I’m talking about Linda Blair projectile vomiting, spin my head around, and hurling insults at anyone near me. Yeah, that kind of sickening. According to the LA… Continue Reading →

People Mahony Has Not Banned

Cardinal Roger Mahony on Tuesday banned Holocaust-denying British Bishop Richard Williamson from any Roman Catholic church, school or other facility in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. If this isn’t piling on, I don’t know what is. The blog has had… Continue Reading →

How Far Until We Hit Bottom?

Do you want a true measure of how bad things are with so many of our priest and bishops? I read a story concerning a priest who came out against the California Prop 8 which supports traditional marriage. And I… Continue Reading →

Captain Kmiec To The Rescue!

This Q and A between the New York Times and the infamous Catholic Obama supporter Doug Kmiec. A few things to note from Kmiec’s responses is that he is a victim here but he must continue his fight in order… Continue Reading →

Mahony and Statistics

Cardinal Roger M. Mahony of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles has a piece in the Tidings congratulating himself on the number of baptisms performed this past year. The 2008 edition of The Official Catholic Directory notes the 100,604 people baptized… Continue Reading →

Cardinal Mahony Sells Naming Rights for Cathedral

To help the Los Angeles archdiocese pay off the “crippling debt” accrued from sexual abuse settlements, Cardinal Roger Mahony will soon announce that his new $200 million Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in downtown Los Angeles will now… Continue Reading →

Mahony: Two Birds With One Stone

In a shocking twist to an already shocking story, Cardinal Mahony of Los Angeles has announced that he will be closing and selling all the traditional leaning parishes to cover the cost of the staggering $660 million dollar settlement of… Continue Reading →

The Times They are a Changin’ —— NOT!

Here’s the lede in the LA Times about Cardinal Roger Mahony earlier this week: A judge Wednesday ordered Cardinal Roger M. Mahony to testify in a lawsuit alleging that he failed to protect parishioners from a pedophile teacher, but then… Continue Reading →

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