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Hey, Did You Hear about Cardinal Bevilacqua?

Have you heard that Cardinal Bevilacqua was investigated for shuffling priests during the clergy abuse scandal? Well, if you read any of the press reports of the Cardinal’s death, that might just be all you know about him. Oh yeah,… Continue Reading →

Cardinal Goes on Hunger Strike, Why Don’t We?

Cardinal Joseph Zen, the bishop emeritus of Hong Kong, recently began a hunger strike to defend the right to freedom of education. How is this much different from what’s going on here in the United States where we have the… Continue Reading →

The Cardinal Who Triumphed Over Stalin

This is a great story from the Catholic Herald about a priest who was marked for death by both the Communists and the Nazis and then served ten years in the Gulag where he said Mass for fellow prisoners in… Continue Reading →

Fr. Pfleger Supporters Rally at Cardinal’s Residence

I guess we should’ve seen this coming. Supporters of Fr. Pfleger protested outside the Cardinal’s residence. The crowd was upset at the Cardinal’s suspension of Father Michael Pfleger from ministry duties at St Sabina. Pfleger had previously said that he… Continue Reading →

Cardinal Defends Lockerbie Bomber Release

Everything we do should with criminals should be tempered by mercy and that’s why I’m against the death penalty. So in that I agree with Cardinal Keith O’Brien of Scotland. But Cardinal O’Brien’s defense of the release of the Lockerbie… Continue Reading →

Waiter! There’s a Felt Banner in My Soup!

This is Matt: We here at CMR have been huge fans of Erin Manning who blogs over at And Sometimes Tea. And so we wanted to have Erin write over here once a week for the next month as a… Continue Reading →

Cardinal: “The Fall of Europe is Looming”

How do you think the Vatican will fare in an Islamicized Europe? I’m betting not too well. Christian populations in Islamicized countries are disappearing while the Muslim population in what some like to call Post-Christian Europe is booming. Soon Muslims… Continue Reading →

Jesuit: Church Has Lost all Credibility

A Jesuit in Honduras announced today that the Catholic Church has “lost all credibility” because it doesn’t support the Hugo Chavez wanna-be Manuel Zelaya’s return as President. Well, there goes 2,000 years of what we’d have to call a pretty… Continue Reading →

Cardinal Speaks Out Against Notre Dame

Cardinal DiNardo has joined a number of bishops concerning Notre Dame’s invitation to President Obama, writing in his pastoral newsletter this weekend, according to Catholic News Agency: I find the invitation very disappointing. Though I can understand the desire by… Continue Reading →

Cardinal Challenges Obama on ESCR

Aides to President-elect Obama are saying this week that Obama will reverse President Bush’s stand on embryonic stem cell research. So, according to Fox News, Cardinal Javier Lozano Barragan of Mexico, the Vatican health minister, said that stem cells taken… Continue Reading →

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