How do you think the Vatican will fare in an Islamicized Europe? I’m betting not too well.

Christian populations in Islamicized countries are disappearing while the Muslim population in what some like to call Post-Christian Europe is booming. Soon Muslims will be a dominant force in the West.

Catholic Culture reports:

Cardinal Miloslav Vlk, who has served as Archbishop of Prague since 1991, has warned in an interview that “if Europe doesn’t change its relation to its own roots, it will be Islamized.”

“Europe has denied its Christian roots from which it has risen and which could give it the strength to fend off the danger that it will be conquered by Muslims– which is actually happening gradually,” he said. Muslims “easily fill the vacant space created as Europeans systematically empty the Christian content of their lives.”

“At the end of the Middle Ages and in the early modern age, Islam failed to conquer Europe with arms. The Christians beat them then,” he added. “Today, when the fighting is done with spiritual weapons which Europe lacks while Muslims are perfectly armed, the fall of Europe is looming.”

Denouncing Europe’s “pagan environment” and “atheistic style of life,” Cardinal Vlk said that “Neither the free market nor freedom without responsibility is strong enough to form the basis of society. Not even democracy alone is a panacea unless it is embedded in God.”

We’ve already seen countries in Europe assenting to Sharia Law, we’ve seen very low birthrates from Christians, and skyrocketing immigration numbers. We’ve seen churches transformed into mosques.

Until Europe remembers that it was Christianity which made it great it will be working towards its own destruction. Kudos to Cardinal Miloslav Vlk for saying the truth though I’m sure it will be ignored.