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What Would Spongebob Do?

A twelve year old girl saved her friend’s life by asking herself the age old question which has inspired so many good works throughout the world: “What Would Spongebob do?” After watching this I’m still unsure how Spongebob inspired her… Continue Reading →

Now That’s An Edgy Cartoon

Family Guy has featured abortion. The Simpsons regularly features child abuse. But liberals are pretty cool with those shows. But could you imagine a liberal seeing this on a cartoon nowadays. There would be screaming, howling and gnashing of teeth…. Continue Reading →

Cartoonist Compares U.S. Soldiers to Terrorists, Mocks Religion

This is the most sickening cartoon I’ve ever seen. Period. Maybe he doesn’t understand that the only reason he can get away with such hackery is because he’s an American. And the only reason America is the freest nation on… Continue Reading →

Cartoon Contemplatives

You gotta get ’em early, I guess. The Catholic Church in England and Wales is launching its own comic strip in order to attract teenagers into the priesthood.Fr Paul Embery, the Church’s Director of Vocations: “We realise that this kind… Continue Reading →

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