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No Way! CBS Covers Mental Health Risks of Abortion

You’re not going to believe this but a mainstream news organization just published a piece on the mental health risks associated with abortion. I was checking out Jill Stanek’s site and she linked to this story which is darn interesting… Continue Reading →

Carrie Underwood “How Great Thou Art”

Carrie Underwood sang “How Great Thou Art” for a country music special “Girls Night Out: Superstar Women of Country,” which aired Friday night on CBS and it’s become a viral hit receiving over a million hits online. Pretty awesome. Wait…. Continue Reading →

Where’s Molly?

This is an amazing story about a man reunited with his sister after about 50 years. She was sent away due to some “minor disabilities” when she was three and struck from family memory. Kudos to CBS News for an… Continue Reading →

CBS Photoshops Black/White Obama?

How can CBS News explain this photoshopped picture? What possible explanation could they have? Accompanying their election coverage on their website, CBS published this photoshopped picture of a half black/half white President Obama with Republicans and Democrats on either side… Continue Reading →

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