You’re not going to believe this but a mainstream news organization just published a piece on the mental health risks associated with abortion.

I was checking out Jill Stanek’s site and she linked to this story which is darn interesting and amazing, if you ask me.

Kudos to CBS for even dealing with this subject. All the other news organizations have buried every study that indicates that abortion does anything less than make unicorns smile and rainbows three times brighter.

(CBS) Do women who have an abortion risk their mental health?

A provocative new study shows that women who have an abortion face an increased risk for mental health problems including substance abuse, anxiety, and depression.

“Results indicate quite consistently that abortion is associated with moderate to highly increased risks of psychological problems subsequent to the procedure,” the authors wrote in the study, published in the September 1 issue of the British Journal of Psychiatry.

For the study, researchers analyzed data on 877,000 women, including 164,000 who had an abortion. They found women who had an abortion experienced an 81 percent increased risk for mental problems.

Women who had an abortion were 34 percent more likely to develop an anxiety disorder, 37 percent more likely to experience depression, 110 percent more likely to abuse alcohol, 155 percent more likely to commit suicide, and 220 percent more likely to use marijuana.

Nearly 10 percent of the problems could be attributed to abortion, the authors concluded.

“There are in fact some real risks associated with abortion that should be shared with women as they are counseled prior to an abortion,” Dr. Priscilla Coleman, professor of human development and family studies at Bowling Green State University, told the Daily Telegraph.

About 827,000 women have an abortion in the U.S. each year.

Previous research hasn’t found a definitive link between an abortion and a woman’s mental health.

Mind you, they put in an opposing viewpoint but hey, we’ll take what we can get.

Like I said, kudos to CBS for not burying the study. And maybe the story will actually help some women realize why they’re suffering or maybe it’ll prevent an abortion or two. Let’s face it, Big Abortion wants abortion kept in the dark. The more light, the better. CMR huzzahs to CBS.

Exit question: Does anyone know if this story was actually shown on television or aired on the radio? Or is it just the internet? Either way, it’s good news and we’ll take baby steps when they’re all we can get.