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I’m Kind of a Big Deal

Dennis O’Donovan does an excellent Catholic radio show in Florida and he had me on as a guest for which I’m grateful. If you’re interested at all you can listen to it below. After listening I’m kinda’ ticked. Seriously, why… Continue Reading →

CMR Calls “A Truce” on Daniels’ Campaign

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels is once again reiterating his plea to call a truce on all those pesky social issues until the economic problems of America are worked out. He said you can still feel passionately about issues like abortion… Continue Reading →

We Rock

OK. Today is the coolest day ever. Adam Baldwin, co-star of “Chuck” and “Firefly,” just retweeted a post of ours. That’s right Jayne, the Hero of Canton, just retweeted our post on CBS’s photoshop of Obama. Baldwin asked “Racism?” Ah,… Continue Reading →

New Look for CMR

As you may have noticed, we have tweaked the look of the Creative Minority Report. We have been thinking and working on this revamp for some time.We wish to give it a more consistent look and feel. To that end,… Continue Reading →

With Great Power

“With great power comes great responsibility” This famous quote is from one of the great minds of the 20th century, Stan Lee. (Yes I know it is actually a paraphrase of something Churchill said. Never mind.) I find this particular… Continue Reading →

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