Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels is once again reiterating his plea to call a truce on all those pesky social issues until the economic problems of America are worked out. He said you can still feel passionately about issues like abortion but he wants you to just SHUT UP about them until he can fix the REAL problems facing the country.

Here’s exactly what he said on the Laura Ingraham show, according to the Brody File:

“If you don’t accept that we face a republic-threatening issue in terms of the debt–and again I would love to conclude one day that I was overreacting–but that threatens every one of us whatever our views on these other questions. I would like to think that fixing it and saving our kids future could be a unifying moment for our country and we wouldn’t stop our disagreements or our passionate belief in these other questions, we just sort of mute them for a little while, while we try to come together on the thing that menaces us all.” (Laura Ingraham show 01/31/11)

CMR likes the whole “truce” idea but feel Daniel’s puts it in the wrong context.

CMR is urging social conservatives to call a truce on Daniel’s budding campaign. We’re not for it or against it, we’re just going to ignore it. And we won’t consider voting for Daniels until Roe v. Wade is overturned. That may take a while but I’m willing to wait. Hope he is too.

In all seriousness, if you’re not willing to accept that the right to life is the guiding principle you’re not my kind of pol. If killing the unborn is less offensive to you than high taxes and reckless spending then you’re probably not getting my vote. It’s pretty simple. I’m a simple man that way.

Here’s the thing – nominating pro-life judges takes gumption. Lots and lots of gumption because you’re going to be hit savagely from all sides. The media, the Democrats, historians, feminists and academics will all be railing at you for personally dragging women by the hair back into the Dark Ages and forcing them into the back alleys. They’ll say you’re ripping the country apart. They’ll call you the most divisive figure of the 21st century. And if Democrats come to you and say they’d be willing to negotiate and give something up on the economy if only you’d consider nominating a “moderate” judge then the question is one of priorities. And everything Daniels’ says tells me that he might just go for it because his priority is the economy. And I’m just not there.

So after Roe is overturned I’ll be willing to consider Mitch Daniels for President. But until then, it’s a truce.