As you may have noticed, we have tweaked the look of the Creative Minority Report. We have been thinking and working on this revamp for some time.We wish to give it a more consistent look and feel. To that end, we have now implemented a fixed width on the blog, as opposed to the variable width we user prior, so as to avoid some of the weird things that happen at different resolutions. As you may have also noted, we have updated our banner. We aimed for simple, but elegant. Hope you like it. (My wife doesn’t. It’s OK, you don’t have to lie honey.)

In addition, we have added a drop cap feature (notice the first letter of this post.) Coincidentally, the New Liturgical Movement adopted this feature today as well. Great minds think alike.

We may be implementing some other small changes in the near future. We hope you like the changes and we would very much like to hear from you, so fill up the combox if you are so inclined.