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Huge News! Major Victory for Conscience RIghts

The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty strikes again. This time, Christianity’s own personal brute squad took on Planned Parenthood and pro-abortion Catholic Governor Christine Gregoire. Today, religious liberty gained a resounding victory. A federal court in Tacoma, Washington, struck down… Continue Reading →

Now That’s a Conscience

This is a heckuva story about an old man whose conscience was bothering him a bit for a looong loooong time. You’ve got to check this out. AOL.com reports: The manager of the Sears store in downtown Seattle says an… Continue Reading →

Fr. Barron on Conscience and Relationships

And hey, Fr. Barron and his gang are over at World Youth Day in Madrid. You can check out his daily updates on his blog. I really wish I were there.

Anti-Catholicism? Yaaawwwnnn.

Everyone is suddenly serious about politics. Very serious. And nothing is more serious right now than the race between Senate candidate Martha Coakley and Scott Brown in Massachusetts. Coakley, it would seem, is imploding. Whether she’ll win is unclear but… Continue Reading →

Obama Nominee: Do Away with Marriage?

Many conservative and Christian organization have reported concerns about the nomination of Chai Feldblum, a law professor at Georgetown University to serve as one of five Commissioners on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. But CMR has uncovered some explosive writings… Continue Reading →

Lesbian Activist from Georgetown is Newest Obama Nominee

So when President Obama was thinking of nominating a hard-charging lesbian activist to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission where else did he look but the faculty of the Jesuit Georgetown University. And make no mistake, this nominee spells major trouble… Continue Reading →

Bishops Threaten To Oppose Obamacare

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has published a strong letter of warning (signed by Bishops William F. Murphy, Cardinal Justin Rigali, and Bishop John Wester) urging all Congressmen and Senators that unless the current healthcare bills change radically,… Continue Reading →

Catholics Against Conscience

For years, pro-choice Catholic politicians have been arguing that their conscience must be the deciding factor in their decision making. (See Nancy Pelosi among others) And they say they’re not going to bullied by all those old men in Rome… Continue Reading →

Catholic Nurse Forced to Perform Abortion?

This is pretty darn awful and disturbing and yet another example how necessary conscience clauses are for healthcare workers. With this upcoming debate on healthcare be assured that there will be a thorough going over of conscience clauses. Remember, to… Continue Reading →

Just Say No To Obama

There’s no one out there in the Catholic blogosphere that has an opinion on abortion and the ability of doctors to legally just say no, is there? What? There is? OK. We all know that the Obama administration is seeking… Continue Reading →

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