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Christmas & Easter Catholic Follies

I had a very good and prayerful Easter Sunday with my wife and kids. I tell you this because everything else I write will seem like I wasn’t very focused on the fact that we’re celebrating that Jesus rose from… Continue Reading →

Lamest Attack on Easter…Evah!

CNN asks all the tough questions, don’t they? They asked yesterday if your Easter basket is ethical. Now, while the issue of child slave labor in cocoa fields is real, you’ve gotta’ love how CNN decides to run this right… Continue Reading →

Mother Teresa on Suffering

During Easter we often consider the meaning of suffering. Check out this pretty extraordinary video of Mother Teresa being interviewed by William F. Buckley on the question of suffering. Definitely worth it. Watch the video at the National Catholic Register>>>

Wackiest Holy Week Evah?

We all know about the War on Christmas. Yawn. If you want to be where the action is, it’s the wackiness that takes place every Holy Week and Easter. Every Holy Week we witness a cavalcade of lunacy and I… Continue Reading →

7 Reasons Obama and The Easter Bunny Are Frighteningly Similar

I saw this picture and thought “Oh the Magical Imaginary Beings Convention was TODAY?” Darn it. I missed it again. But at least this pic was taken of Barack Obama and the Easter Bunny. It got me thinking that the… Continue Reading →

Catholic Group Sells Easter Themed Porn

OK. This has to go down as one of the stupidest ideas ever. It’s probably right under freeing Barabbas and just over Germany invading Russia. Yeah, it’s that stupid. The AP is reporting that a Roman Catholic youth group on… Continue Reading →

Just in Time for Holy Week…Gay Jesus

Every Holy Week, we get the same ol’ thing. First you take a great heaping spoonful of stupid publicity seeking artist, add in a dose of outraged Christian, spice it up with some feigned surprise from the artist that anyone… Continue Reading →

Easter Sunday Mass: The Art of Distraction

My wife and I usually tag-team mass on Sunday. One of us goes to Mass early—and by early I mean 10:30 a.m.—and the other stays home with the four knuckleheads (children). Then we switch. The other spouse goes to the… Continue Reading →

He is Risen!

Fra Angelico-The ResurrectionHave a blessed Easter.

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