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Obama: “America Got Soft”

This guy says you’ve gotten soft.Can you believe this guy? He enacts ruinous policy after ruinous policy and he blames America for getting “soft.” Jonah Goldberg writes: Interesting perspective. I wonder where America could have lost its competitive edge. It… Continue Reading →

Harry Reid, Superhero

Harry Reid is unbelievable. Normally people this delusional are hanging out near the Slurpee machine asking for spare change but this guy’s the Majority Leader of the Senate. So untethered to reality is Reid that he actually said, “but for… Continue Reading →

Krugman Gets Embarrassed

This is what happens when a Nobel Prize winning economist’s ideology is confronted by reality. And it’s videoed and splashed up on YouTube for millions to see, point and mock. HT Vodka Pundit

Canada In Need of Very Small Canadians

In order to continue their orgiastic spending spree on themselves, Canadians have borrowed heavily from their children and grandchildren for years. But trouble seems imminent as it was revealed this week that Canadians forgot to actually have children and grandchildren… Continue Reading →

Obama’s Credit Crunch

One of the biggest problems with the economy right now is that there’s been a credit freeze and lenders are reluctant to lend money. So the government got involved and started throwing money at the lenders to get them to… Continue Reading →

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