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7 Habits of People Who Radically Trust God

Jen Fulwiler is one of my favorite bloggers. She’s smart, insightful, funny and faithful. Check this one out from Jen called the 7 Habits of People Who Radically Trust God: I read a lot of biographies and memoirs about inspiring… Continue Reading →

Gymnast Refuses to Compete on Sabbath

This is good to see. It’s a little like Chariots of Fire. But with second graders. And gymnasts rather than runners. But other than that it’s kinda’ the same. The AP reports: When 7-year-old Amalya Knapp took the beam at… Continue Reading →

Time Mag Still Believes God Is Dead?

I guess Time Magazine is still standing behind their Oct. 22, 1965 story which stated: We must recognize that the death of God is a historical event: God has died in our time, in our history, in our existence. Well,… Continue Reading →

Trying to Kill Henry Poole

The reviews from people I know of the movie “Henry Poole is Here” have been positive. They call it “feel good” if a little predictable. But everyone I’ve spoken to really enjoyed it. HOWEVER, the critics seem to feel a… Continue Reading →

Media: Pope Confiscates Telescopes, Condemns Science

The dismantling of the astronomical observatory at the Pope’s summer residence for more than 75 years is raising some conspiratorial eyebrows among the nutters in the press. The Pope needs more room to receive diplomats so the telescopes which have… Continue Reading →

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