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Reporter Confronts Gov About Canceling Christmas

This is fun. This reporter from Fox asks very pointed questions of that squishy Governor of Rhode Island Lincoln Chafee who recently renamed the Christmas tree a Holiday tree. This reporter does a great job and leads him down the… Continue Reading →

Bishop Lori on “Immediate and Palpable Threats to Religious Freedom”

CMR kudos to Bishop William Lori, Chairman of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, who joined Fox and Friends to speak about the disappearing religious freedoms in this country right now. He said, according to Fox News, that while he’s… Continue Reading →

Fox Paid $4.8 Billion in Taxes, MSNBC $0

This story at the Daily Mail is actually worse than the headline even indicates. Fox paid $4.8 billion in taxes, MSNBC $0 OK, the headline is misleading. The parent company of Fox News — News Corp. — paid the U.S…. Continue Reading →

Pope Just Like Violence Endorsing Rapper

It’s poetry night tonight at the White House. First Lady Michelle Obama invited several poets, including rapper known as “Common” who has written about threats to shoot police and called for the “burn[ing]” of President George W. Bush. In defending… Continue Reading →

O’Reilly’s Abortion Dodge

I don’t watch Bill O’Reilly mainly because (and I know some people will laugh at this) I think he’s a squishy. People often take his loud mouth to mean he’s principled. But it’s just a loud mouth. I sometimes admire… Continue Reading →

Child Goes to Heaven, Meets Miscarried Sibling?

A four year old child dies, meets great grandfather and miscarried sibling who he didn’t even know about. Pretty cool. I’m always a little hesitant to believe such things while knowing they’re quite possibly true. But I thought I’d pass… Continue Reading →

Ordered to Stop Praying Outside Supreme Court

Can anyone be surprised at this? Fox News reports that a group of Christian students were told it was illegal to pray outside the Supreme Court building and ordered to leave. The students were part of a junior high school… Continue Reading →

Brit Hume Tells Tiger to Embrace Christ

Many people are freaking out about this but I’m with Brit on this one. Have we gone so far down the road of relativism that it’s some kind of cultural sin to say that you believe one faith is better… Continue Reading →

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