CMR kudos to Bishop William Lori, Chairman of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, who joined Fox and Friends to speak about the disappearing religious freedoms in this country right now.

He said, according to Fox News, that while he’s engaged in a dialogue with the administration, “We certainly are experiencing right now some immediate and palpable threats to religious freedom.”

That’s some strong words. I’d been hoping that the bishops’ push back on this issue had succeeded -at least to a point. After Archbishop Timothy Dolan met with Obama he seemed to say that Obama gets it and everything would be worked out. But here’s the thing – Obama says nice things all the time. No President ever talked about bipartisanship more than Obama but he’s one of the most partisan nasties the Oval Office has seen since LBJ. So just because Obama says nice things, it doesn’t necessarily mean that his actions will follow. Remember, when he spoke at Notre Dame, he was all sunshine and unicorns about conscience protections. How’s that working out?

Bishop Lori went on to say on Fox and Friends: “Catholic hospitals, catholic charities, our schools, provide first-rate services, and I believe it’s the duty of government to accommodate our religious beliefs and convictions and allow us to perform those services according to our own light, even when we are engaged in a government contract.”

Check out the interview here. Definitely worth it.