Many people are freaking out about this but I’m with Brit on this one. Have we gone so far down the road of relativism that it’s some kind of cultural sin to say that you believe one faith is better than another?

I’m Catholic. I believe my faith is true and good. I encourage others to join. Is that wrong? Jehovah’s Witnessess come to my door. I’m not mad at them. In a weird way I admire them doing it. I argue with them. In a nice way.

On the Sunday show, Brit often talks about politics. Is it ok to talk politics but not religion? I admire Brit Hume for this. When asked about Tiger he didn’t make jokes. He didn’t go the TMZ route and chat up the gossip. He didn’t make a sports prediction. Brit is worried about the man’s soul. Kudos to Brit for that.

Stolen shamelessly from Hot Air.