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Court: No Free Speech for Pro-Lifers

A federal appeals court ruled yesterday that pro-lifers who created Wild West-style posters and a Web site targeting abortion doctors are liable because their works were illegal threats and not free speech. Look, I’m not crazy about wanted posters and… Continue Reading →

Fr. Higgins’ Inspiring Speech at the Religious Liberty Rally

This is a heckuva’ speech from Father John Higgins, the Pastor of Saint Raymond’s parish in California. We need more like him… I’m the son of a Korean War vet and an Ohio girl. Raised in the Methodist Church, of… Continue Reading →

Great News for SBA-List

We all remember how that punk former congressman Steve Driehaus sued SBA-List for losing the election because the pro-life group dared to tell the truth about his vote for Obamacare being a vote for taxpayer funded abortion. And then to… Continue Reading →

Driehaus, Be a Man

Today, the Susan B. Anthony List filed an appeal in one of the most important cases currently in the courts. As you might remember former Representative Steve “Crybaby” Driehaus’ filed a defamation lawsuit in the Sixth Circuit Court against the… Continue Reading →

Town Seeks to Ban Free Speech. Seriously.

I honestly thought this was some kind of viral joke when I first saw it but after looking around, it seems to be horribly true. A small Arkansas town is attempting to pass a law banning groups from meeting to… Continue Reading →

Pro-Life Group Silenced During Election

The Susan B. Anthony List, a pro-life PAC, recently tried to place an ad on four billboards stating that Ohio Representative Steve Driehaus voted for federally funded abortion when he voted for Obamacare. Driehaus didn’t like that and sent out… Continue Reading →

Buckle Up. Fascism Ahead.

Everything Obama’s regulatory czar says in this interview scares the heck out of me. Everything. But the lowlight is when he says “The word ‘voluntary’ is a little complicated.” Buckle up we may be hitting some fascism ahead. HT Weasel… Continue Reading →

Pro-Lifers Need Not Apply

So you’re a teenager who won an oratory contest and you’re scheduled to receive an proclamation from your state rep. And guess what? You’re going to receive it from your state representative on the floor of the Ohio House Legislature…. Continue Reading →

Greetings From Soviet Canuckistan

I am sure you have heard the many scary stories coming from Canada by now, but just in case you haven’t I thought I should tell you before you put the deposit down on that exciting Canadian vacation. Our chilly… Continue Reading →

You Have a Right to Free Speech -Unless You’re Talking that God Stuff

Politicians in a Louisiana town are trying to use a vaguely written ordinance aimed at preventing public disturbances to stifle a Christian who wants to share his religious beliefs on a public street. Look, if the guy is screaming get… Continue Reading →

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