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UK Govt: Hey Marriage Might Be Good for Kids

Hey, you know that institution of marriage that’s been around for thousands of years that Western civilization’s been doing everything it could think of to destroy? Well, it turns out hee-hee, that it might actually be kinda’ good for kids… Continue Reading →

Massachusetts: Abortion is Safe and Easy!!!

This is a state funded website telling girls that abortion is easy and safe and everyone’s doing it. I’m sick. Check out the story at Weasel Zippers.

Jesus as a Tourist Attraction

CNS reports: An atheist is suing to force the administrators of a towering cross in southern Illinois to return a $20,000 state grant toward its restoration, saying Thursday it was “blatantly unconstitutional” to spend taxpayer money on a Christian symbol…. Continue Reading →

Is Staying Home With Kids a Societal Good?

This is exactly the kind of story that really makes me worry about America. It’s not a story of shadowy terrorists with suitcase bombs, nefarious spies, or foreign madmen plotting our destruction. I honestly believe this is worse. The Daily… Continue Reading →

The “Plywood over Jesus” Precedent

Don’t anyone dare act surprised. There’s clear precedent for this. Remember when the White House asked Georgetown to cover a a gold “IHS” monogram symbolizing Jesus’ name with a piece of black-painted plywood while Obama gave his speech? Well that… Continue Reading →

Census Poster Depicts Joseph and Mary

The award for most shameless use of religious imagery in an effort to garner political power goes to…well Barack Obama. But the National Association of Latino Elected Officials comes in a close second with this stunt. The Washington Post is… Continue Reading →

Porn is a Real Problem…But

Look. I know porn is an addiction that really messes guys up. Hurts marriages. Hurts children. It’s bad. And I don’t see how it’s going to get better anytime soon when every fetish you could conceive is a .com away…. Continue Reading →

Babies Will Be the Death of Us All

Babies are the problem. And American babies are the worst. As if liberals weren’t doing enough to limit the number of babies, now a new study is saying that babies may just be the death of us all doe to… Continue Reading →

First They Came for the Pie Makers

Pssst. Hey you. You like pie? I know a guy who knows a guy who is married to a woman who makes the best apple pie in the East. You didn’t hear it from me but I’m hearing there’s a… Continue Reading →

Save Free Markets – Save The World

“US government may take part ownership in banks” – News that the Bush administration is considering taking part ownership in a number of U.S. banks helped restore a relative calm over global financial markets Thursday. Well if there was any… Continue Reading →

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