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Mother Teresa Zings Hillary Clinton?

Abby Johnson, formerly of Planned Parenthood and now an ardent pro-lifer, tells a crowd of pro-lifers what she believes Mother Teresa said to Hillary Clinton over lunch years ago. It’s a heck of a zinger if it’s true. Check out… Continue Reading →

Honduras For Dummies

Even though I have sometimes been accused of being reflexively anti-Obama, it is not true. When I heard initial reports of what happened in Honduras over the weekend and the reaction of the Obama administration, I took it for granted… Continue Reading →

War on Terror is Over?

Whoo-hoo. Look at that Obama go. I gotta’ admit I had my doubts but the dude did it. I’m on my third shot of some blue drink here and the victory parade is about to begin…When are you comin’ over?… Continue Reading →

Hillary To Run Against Bush

Well Hillary is finally getting her chance. She wanted to run her presidential campaign against George W. Bush. And she did. She talked about him 24/7. Except she forgot to beat the people who were actually running against her and… Continue Reading →

Clinton as Voldemort

Ok. Who read the New York Times article today about the Clinton’s obsession with listing those who were loyal and those who weren’t and couldn’t help but think of Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter? Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton was gracious… Continue Reading →

Nuns Invite Clinton to Campaign

With little more than a month to go before Puerto Rico’s June 1 primary, the former first daughter Chelsea Clinton toured the U.S. territory’s capital of San Juan and shook hands with well-wishers, posed for snapshots and tried to charm… Continue Reading →

Dems Talk Potential Life

Newsweek’s Jon Meacham, who co-hosted the weirdly titled “Compassion Forum” with CNN’s Campbell Brown, wasted little time before asking both candidates whether they believe life begins at conception. He should be applauded for asking the question even though the candidates… Continue Reading →

To Hell With You Misogynists

Sir Elton John at a campaign event for Sir Hillary Rodham Clinton decried the fact that Sir Hillary was lagging behind in the Democrat primary as clear evidence of a Democrat hatred of women. In fact, he thinks that these… Continue Reading →

If Bill Richardson is Judas, Then Hillary is Who?

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson in his latest chapter of “Please pick me as Vice President” endorsed Barack Obama yesterday. Clinton enabler James Carville called it “An act of betrayal.” You have to love this quote given on Good Friday…. Continue Reading →

Hillary v. Obama equals Freddy v. Jason

Why just yesterday I told you that the “resurrected Hillary” is a zombie. Apparently, Obama’s key foreign policy aide agrees. Samantha Power in an interview with the Scotsman let slip that she recognizes the undead when she sees them. “She… Continue Reading →

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