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The E Word

What happened to “eugenics?” I mean the word. The practice is clearly alive and well. But the word is gone. In the beginning of the last century, eugenics was all the rage throughout Western civilization until Hitler came around and… Continue Reading →

Wanda Sykes vs. Hitler Youth

So Wanda Sykes wishes kidney failure and death on conservative Rush Limbaugh and President Obama guffaws. And that was this weekend. You’d think that would be a pretty big news story, right? As of 4 p.m. that’s got less than… Continue Reading →

The “Hitler Youth” Watch

With Pope Benedict’s upcoming trip to Israel, The CMR Institute of Media Studies is instituting the “Hitler Youth” Watch. Our trained professionals (monkeys who like to pretend to read the newspaper) are standing by and counting the number of times… Continue Reading →

Wait. Hitler Hated Hitler’s Pope?

If one were only to get their news from mainstream sources and the culture at large this story would make little sense to you. If you believe that Pope Pius XII was “Hitler’s Pope” because some anti-Catholic author wrote it… Continue Reading →

New Condom Ads Are Ironic

I think what’s most offensive about these new condom ads is that once again it makes the creation of life an evil. So in a world where two people choose to sleep with those they don’t particularly care for, who’s… Continue Reading →

The Hitler Cake

A family who named their child Adolf Hitler is angry with a local supermarket for refusing to put the child’s name on his birthday cake. According to The Express Times: A local supermarket refused to make a birthday cake with… Continue Reading →

Darwin’s Prescient Friend and Mentor

For some reason a main topic of conversation recently is atheism vs. Christianity. And us religious types are pretty much blamed for everything from The Inquisition to 9-11. And atheists are portrayed as peace-niks without original sin who simply believe… Continue Reading →

Hitler Spoiled All The Fun:

How Eugenics is just misunderstood. There’s been a lot of talk about atheist’s books recently selling so well. Famous Atheist Richard Dawkins seems to be all over the news with his atheistic screed, “The God Delusion,” which dismisses all religious… Continue Reading →

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