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Transhumanist Calls Ordinary People “Dangerous Zombies”

*subhead*You are the walking dead.*subhead* It is rare in today’s politically correct society that someone says what they really feel. So I applaud transhumanist Steven Fuller for telling it like it is. Unfortunately, his ideas are terrifying. Fuller has a… Continue Reading →

The Futility of Enhancing Your Kids

*subhead*Windows 95*subhead* This is the cover of the current issue of The Economist. I am sure this is resonating with moms and dads everywhere who are excited about the possibilities of genetic engineering. Parents want the best for their children…. Continue Reading →

More Attempts at Selling Transhumanism to Christians

*subhead*Get your enhancements here!.*subhead* Rev. Christopher Benek I have said many times that for transhumanists to have their technological utopia on earth, they need to sell Christians on the idea that radically changing ourselves into something other than human is… Continue Reading →

Zoltan for President 2016

*subhead*Transhumanism heads to Washington.*subhead* It sounds like something out of a Philip Dick novel but it isn’t. Zoltan Istvan is running for President of the United States, not as a Democrat or Republican, but as a Transhumanist.  He started the… Continue Reading →

Why the Vatican Statement on Plastic Surgery is Important

*subhead*Transhumanism*subhead* Last week the Pontifical Council for Culture released a document in preparation for the coming plenary assembly that will be discussing the theme “Women’s Cultures: Equality and Difference.” The document contained a strong stance against unnecessary plastic surgery. The… Continue Reading →

Entering the Bionic Age: Why Be You, When You Can Be New?

*subhead*Upgrades*subhead* A whimsical animated children’s movie that came out in 2005 may be one of the most prophetic films of our time. Robots, featuring the voice talents of Robin Williams and Ewan McGregor, is the story of Rodney Copperbottom, a… Continue Reading →

Technology as Savior

*subhead*Who needs Jesus?.*subhead* I worry for young people these days. I know every generation says that about the one that follows, but today’s youth may face a world where simply being human won’t be good enough. Augmentation may be required… Continue Reading →

“In vitro eugenics” straight from Brave New World

*subhead*Huxley Wins*subhead* I read somewhere that while both George Orwell’s 1984 and Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World contained dystopian futures, Huxley’s world, where humans are made in “hatcheries” and the people were kept compliant, not by the threat of Big… Continue Reading →

Lance Armstrong: Pioneer or Cheater?

*subhead*Transhumanist poster boy.*subhead* After Lance Armstrong admitted that he cheated with performance enhancing drugs, I was waiting for the transhumanists to claim him as their own. It didn’t take long. The title of this Wired piece says it all: “Lance… Continue Reading →

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