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Abortion Is Just Like Getting a Tooth Pulled

In Indiana, where Planned Parenthood could possibly lose access to millions of Medicaid dollars, they’re arguing that they should be treated just the same as all other medical providers. No different. They’re insisting not to be singled out. But in… Continue Reading →

Obama’s Abortion Bullying Pays Dividends

President Obama’s threat to Indiana to cut off over $4 billion in Medicaid funding if they refuse to fund Planned Parenthood is paying pro-abortion dividends by scaring other states from voting on pro-life legislation – which is exactly what the… Continue Reading →

Planned Parenthood Threatens Indiana

President of Planned Parenthood of Indiana Betty Cockrum is threatening Indiana by threatening to close seven of its 28 Indiana health centers if U.S. District Court Judge Tanya Walton Pratt does not grant an injunction reversing the state’s decision to… Continue Reading →

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