President of Planned Parenthood of Indiana Betty Cockrum is threatening Indiana by threatening to close seven of its 28 Indiana health centers if U.S. District Court Judge Tanya Walton Pratt does not grant an injunction reversing the state’s decision to cut off funding to Planned Parenthood.

Awwww. And yeah, they meant that as a threat, not a benefit.

But Indiana seems to be sticking to its guns -at least so far. Check out this exchange per The Indy Star between Judge Pratt and Solicitor General of Indiana Thomas Fisher concerning the loss of billions in federal funds to the state:

“Does that make you nervous?” Pratt asked Fisher in court…

Fisher said the potential loss of funds is nerve-wracking but that the issue is important to the state.

That’s encouraging.

Fisher suggested at one point that Planned Parenthood could possibly receive funding if it spun off its abortion services completely. Oddly, Planned Parenthood didn’t go for it. But I’m wondering if it’s true what they claim that no taxpayer money goes to funding the abortion side of things now, why would Planned Parenthood object to this offer? Oh wait, that’s because everyone knows that by funding abortionists you fund abortion.

My thoughts here are that I’m pretty sure the judge is going to rule against Indiana based on some of her comments about giving deference to the federal position but there will be appeals. The judge has said she’d rule by July 1st.