President Obama’s threat to Indiana to cut off over $4 billion in Medicaid funding if they refuse to fund Planned Parenthood is paying pro-abortion dividends by scaring other states from voting on pro-life legislation – which is exactly what the threat was intended to do.

Louisiana seemed all set to vote on a bill that would have included abortion in its criminal feticide laws. The pro-life bill would have, of course, included no exception for rape and incest which would make it go a little further than the federal Hyde Amendment which now contains an exception for rape and incest. So some legislators with cold feet panicked and said that if they go further than Hyde, Big Bad Obama might remove all their Medicaid funding too.

This scare tactic scared enough Republicans that the bill, which had seemed certain to pass, was tabled -which is another way of saying it’s radioactive and nobody wants anything to do with it.

Personhood USA has lots of details on the legislation but here’s the upshot – Obama’s threat to cut off Indiana from Medicaid funding is working because other states are all taking a wait and see attitude with their pro-life legislation.

Let’s pray that Indiana does the right thing. There’s so much riding on them.

Think about what Obama’s doing in Indiana for one second. He’s threatening to cut off all Medicaid funding for his abortion buddies. This is a state that Obama carried in ’08 by 1%. He knows that this isn’t going to help him there but the White House’s devotion to Big Abortion is so sacrosanct and committed that he’s willing to lose an entire state because of it.

Obama’s going to the mattresses on this fight. Let’s hope Governor Mitch Daniels is similarly committed to a culture of life.