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Painting of a Surfing Virgin Mary Worth Saving?

This painting which we’ll call “Our Lady of Hanging Five” was put on a wall illegally. It’s graffiti and it’s just plain ol’ dopey if you ask me. But that hasn’t stopped government officials from spending thousands of dollars in… Continue Reading →

10 Reasons to See “Sweet Baby Jesus” Movie

Maybe this movie will renew your faith in Hollywood. Maybe not. But maybe. Let me see if I can entice you to go see a film that starts shooting in September called “Sweet Baby Jesus.” Here’s a quick little summary… Continue Reading →

Census Poster Depicts Joseph and Mary

The award for most shameless use of religious imagery in an effort to garner political power goes to…well Barack Obama. But the National Association of Latino Elected Officials comes in a close second with this stunt. The Washington Post is… Continue Reading →

Mary, Falling From Grace

If you needed any more evidence that our culture is secularizing, I submit this. Of the most popular baby names in America, Mary doesn’t even make the top ten anymore, according to LiveScience. What does that say about us? Most… Continue Reading →

Scandalous Jesus Bio Set for Release

According to FoxNews the director of “Basic Instinct” will make scandalous claims about Jesus and Mary in an upcoming biography about Jesus. In his upcoming biography of Jesus, “Basic Instinct” director Paul Verhoeven will make the shocking claim that Christ… Continue Reading →

Something Doesn’t Stink in Jersey

I have long said that very little good happens in New Jersey. I take it back -just for today though. A new stained-glass window in the foyer at St. Augustine of Canterbury Church is set to be blessed and dedicated… Continue Reading →

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