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An American Legend

Joe the Plumber is an American story which could grow into an American legend. It might be told in coming years as an example that a common man can make a difference in America, even today. It could be one… Continue Reading →

McCain’s Lawyer Takes On The NY Times

The New York Times is planning to run a hit piece on Cindy McCain. Cindy McCain, who has admitted years ago to problems with addiction, responded with a letter to the Times telling them exactly what she thought of it,… Continue Reading →

He’s So Bad You Can’t Believe It

Obama has one thing going for him. His record on abortion is so extreme that nobody will be able to believe that it’s true of the smiling man who says he cares. When John McCain, after what seemed like hours… Continue Reading →

I’m An Embarrassment

At different times in my life, I’ve been an embarrassment to my family, my sports teams, my wife, everyone near me on the dance floor, and definitely my children. I’m pretty used to it. But it’s just starting to dawn… Continue Reading →

Racism is the New Hitler

Do we really want to be accused of being racist for the next four years? I don’t. It seems that every time Barack Obama is criticized, the media or someone associated with Barack Obama screams racism. If it’s a reach… Continue Reading →

What’s Up With the Polls?

Seriously. What’s up with the polls? I’ve never seen an election where respected pollsters disagreed so wildly. Gallup today has Barack Obama up 11 over John McCain. But Zogby, on the other hand, has Obama up two. Hotline has Obama… Continue Reading →

Advice to Peggy Noonan: Get Out of NYC!

A friend of mine moved to New York City a few months ago. He was a lifelong Pennsylvanian and we worked with each other a few times in campaigns. Recently, on the phone, he told me that he’s noticed a… Continue Reading →

McCain to NYT’s Dowd: “Get Off My Plane!”

New York Times uber-liberal columnist Maureen Dowd has been booted off John McCain’s plane. Awesome! The Pittsburgh Post Gazette has the story: The McCain campaign has barred her (Dowd) from flying in the McCain and Palin press planes, even though… Continue Reading →

Memo To McCain: Listen to the Anchoress

Everyone once in a while you read a bid of punditry that makes you yell at the computer screen, YES! YES! Why doesn’t everybody see this?? I had one of those moments today when I read the Anchoress when she… Continue Reading →

Catholics Returning to GOP Fold. Why?

Religion is undoubtedly the cultural divide in our electoral system. More accurate than any demographic is the observant religious vs. the occasionally religious or agnostic. So I guess if you want McCain to win, go convert somebody. The past month… Continue Reading →

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