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John McCain for President!!!

Senator John McCain absolutely lights up President Obama. I mean, he lights him up. McCain, referring to Obama’s withdrawal of troops in Iraq: “History Will Judge His Leadership With The Scorn And Disdain It Deserves”… Where was this John McCain… Continue Reading →

Sally Quinn: Rick Perry’s Anti-Catholic “Pastor Problem”

This is just hilarious. Sally Quinn of the “On Faith” blog, who called Pope Benedict a criminal and compared him to Nixon, is wondering whether Governor Rick Perry has an anti-Catholic “pastor problem.” Gotta’ love it. Rick Perry’s pastor problem?… Continue Reading →

McCain To Taser Illegals

(The Disassociated Press) In a stunning new web ad expected to only be released if Senator John McCain falls behind in the polls to his Republican primary opponent, the beleaguered former Presidential candidate is expected to taser a family of… Continue Reading →

Republican Party Or The Donner Party?

How come every time Republicans lose an election and are banished to the wilderness; instead of gathering together, the Republican Party starts acting like the Donner party. Well, the GOP is in full cannibal mode now and us social conservatives… Continue Reading →

Obama is Toast

Looking for a reason to believe that John McCain and Sarah Palin will be the next residents of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? Look no further. Sean Malstrom has the best and most knowledgeable breakdown I’ve seen this cycle. This is the… Continue Reading →

It’s All on You

It’s all up to you. It’s really that simple. In the end, this is all about who shows up to vote. The polling companies don’t think you will. Barack Obama is hoping you won’t show up. There is hope. If… Continue Reading →

The ‘Refuse To Respond’ Election

I’m just throwing it out there. I think John McCain may still win this thing and if so this may go down as the “Refuse to Respond” election. It’s not just a hunch. Here are my three main reasons. 1)… Continue Reading →

Rename Gallup the CYA Poll

Gallup is making news because their most recent poll has McCain cutting Obama’s lead to two. Good news. And I’m happy about it. But in this recent election cycle, Gallup has disgraced itself because they have all but openly admitted… Continue Reading →

Newsweek Declares Victory for Obama?

Newsweek, this week: On Nov. 4, Barack Obama will be elected as the next president of the United States. The real excitement won’t come from watching that foregone conclusion come to pass. No, the big question is, will Democrats nationwide… Continue Reading →

Playing For A Tie

Obama definitely has the home field advantage with the media in his pocket and lotsa money money money. But perhaps McCain only needs to play for a tie. First off, we all know that polling consistently over-samples Democrats due to… Continue Reading →

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