It’s all up to you. It’s really that simple. In the end, this is all about who shows up to vote. The polling companies don’t think you will. Barack Obama is hoping you won’t show up.

There is hope. If you look at the polls, they’re polling 10-12 percent more Democrats than Republicans. According to Jim Geraghty “Gallup’s final poll puts the Democrats party ID advantage will be 12 percent. The most it has been since 1980 was 4 percent, in 1996. It was 3 percent in 2006.”

So even though the polling companies are figuring that 12 percent more Democrats are going to show up than Republicans, the funny thing is that John McCain is still in this thing. And I don’t believe 12 percent more Dems are showing up to the polls than Republicans. The polling companies have bought into the hype created by Obama’s cheerleaders in the media so much so that they’re willing to believe that this election will be unprecedented. Not just unprecedented. Unprecedented three times over.

But my question is that if all the excitement is on the Obama side, why does Sarah Palin draw record crowds everywhere she goes. See Gateway Pundit’s story and photos from today’s Palin-palooza in Missouri.

Forget the national polls, they mean nothing right now. Obama can win New York and California by 80 percent for all I care. (Sorry Pat) Look at Florida, Pennsylvania, Iowa (believe it or not), Ohio, Virginia, Nevada, Colorado, North Carolina, and Missouri. McCain is either leading or within a few points in the polls despite some serious weighting towards Democrats in the polls.

Well, there’s only one way to ensure that 12 percent more Democrats vote than Republicans and that’s to go out and vote.

Look, I actually think if McCain gets in to the 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue he is going to annoy the heck out of me on economic issues, the environment, and securing the border. But (and this is a big but) I do believe we’ll get a judge or two that might just overturn Roe V Wade. And that’s what I care about most.

If we do our job this could be seen as the election that Catholics turned, especially in Ohio and Pennsylvania. See Hugh Hewitt’s story on this. Don’t let the polls make up your mind. Do you want to know why the polls are so against us? It’s so we don’t vote. And if we don’t vote the polls will be right. It’s kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Not me. I’m voting. I’m asking everyone I know to vote. The continuance of abortion on demand is at stake. I refuse to stand on the sidelines. Join the fray. Jump in the fight. Please vote.

I actually have high hopes for tomorrow.